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Third & Main Earns Spot On List Of Best Home Subscription Boxes In 2024

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Third & Main Earns Spot On List Of Best Home Subscription Boxes In 2024

With so many home decor box subscriptions on the market today, it can be tough to decide which is best for your home. To help, bloggers, vloggers and influencers periodically weigh in with their perspective and experience. One of our faves, My Subscription Addiction, recently shared their picks of the best nine home decor subscription boxes in 2024, and we’re excited to share that Third & Main made the cut as the best box for the “budding decorator” (so true!). Let’s review.

Making The “Best Of” List

First, can we say that we love the categories for this list? Best for seasonal spruce-ups, best for floral arrangements, best for lovers of hygge, best for candles, best for succulents, and the list goes on. There are so many specialized home decor boxes out there, it really is a great idea to highlight their strengths. There are nine boxes on the list, and each one really does stand out in some special way. “Best for the budding decorator” is an excellent category for Third & Main, because our focus is on curating beautiful home decor pieces that are easy to style with past and future boxes for an organic, effortless aesthetic. Plus, we offer four distinct design styles (our flagship modern farmhouse, modern traditional, contemporary and luxe) to ensure that you find exactly what you like.

Here’s what My Subscription Addiction has to say about Third & Main (emphasis ours):

Third & Main sends out seasonal home decor and household goods from U.S. businesses. They focus on modern farmhouse, boho, vintage-inspired, and contemporary designs. You might receive a throw, a bamboo tray, gorgeous vases, scented candles, or something else — and every home decor subscription box includes a special surprise. Their high-quality items have a real personality, but they’re appropriate for practically any home. Third & Main brings the fun of small-town and main street shopping to your doorstep with their adorable selection of home decor items each season.”

There’s a pros and cons list for each winner, and ours is pretty reasonable. According to My Subscription Addiction, pros of Third & Main boxes are the choice of design styles, options for quarterly and semi-annual plans and the generous range of products packed into each box. Drawbacks are straightforward, pointing to the cost of some plans and the fact that not all shipping frequencies are available for all plans. Fair!

The Takeaway

Third & Main was the original home decor box subscription, and it’s truly an honor to be listed among the many amazing home decor subscription boxes that are out there. We hope it offers potential subscribers a unique perspective on which box is the best fit for their style and budget. If you’re debating membership here at Third & Main, we have resources that might help! Browse through these posts for a little insight:

Our full summer collection reveal is currently live, so browse through images of all the amazing pieces we’ve found. If you like what you see, choose your box and become a Third & Main member. We’d love to have you!

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