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Three Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Home Decor Box Membership

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Three Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Home Decor Box Membership

Subscription boxes may have begun as beauty boxes, but the trend caught on quickly and these days, people enjoy regular deliveries of all kinds of things. Sure, there are clothing, pet supplies, even art and entertainment boxes, but our hands-down favorite is the home decor box. If you’ve ever debated whether a membership to a home decor box company is worth it, we understand your hesitation. But trust us when we say you absolutely deserve to treat yourself to a Third & Main membership. Here’s why. 

Everyone Loves A Treat In The Mail

There’s something special about packages in the mail, especially when it’s something you’re really looking forward to. Chalk it up to psychology and biology—knowing your box is on its way creates a little suspense and when it’s finally here, there’s that satisfying dopamine hit as you excitedly open all your new treasures and spend time finding the perfect place in your home. Our members really respond to this, especially with our limited curations. Depending on your subscription plan, boxes only ship two to four times per year. That means you aren’t drowning in decor, nor are you growing bored with monthly shipments. Receiving an assortment of beautiful decor on a limited schedule keeps it special.

You Can Customize To Your Liking

At Third & Main, our members enjoy personalization perks. In other words, they get sneak peeks of our boxes and can choose certain items. Whether you’re a fan of our Modern Farmhouse, Modern Traditional, Contemporary, or Luxe boxes, each and every item is carefully curated for an on-brand cohesion. Plus,sneak peeks mean you always get something you’ll love. This level of personalization is ideal for anyone who has trouble pulling together accessories from different stores or finds it incredibly difficult to visualize something in their home. Knowing what’s coming doesn’t dampen enthusiasm, either, though you can forgo personalizations if you prefer to be completely surprised. For many Third & Main members, knowing what’s on the way is just as thrilling because they’re so impatient for it to arrive!

Curated Decor For A Stylish Aesthetic

Time is money, as they say, and not everyone has the luxury (or the desire) to search store after store for that elusive decor piece. We get it! That’s why Third & Main subscriptions mean amazing decor pieces come to you. Choose your style, personalize your box, and we’ll handle the rest. All of the pieces in our boxes are designed to work together and with one another. That means over time, your home decor only gets better—fresh, on trend and with the sense that it’s developing organically.

Oh, and did we mention? Your subscription price costs you less than you would have paid if you tried to source and purchase these items individually!

Next Steps

If you’ve been debating a home decor subscription box, this is your sign that it’s time to take the leap. Third & Main has four different subscription boxes to choose from, and we think you’ll love all the perks that come with being a member. It’s a great time to get started. We can’t wait to see what you think!

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