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Three Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Home Decor Subscription

Three Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Home Decor Subscription

Subscription boxes are well established these days. What began with beauty boxes quickly expanded, and people now enjoy regular deliveries of clothing, accessories, pet supplies, food, entertainment, art, and – our favorite – home decor. If you’re on the fence, we get it, which is why we’re sharing three reasons to treat yourself to a home decor subscription – and to be clear,  we’re talking about Third & Main.

The fun factor can’t be beat!

Who doesn’t love packages in the mail? And when you know that your Third & Main member box is on its way, all the better! There’s actually a little psychology at work here. Members look forward to the suspense of each month’s box – when it will arrive and what goodies it will include. Knowing that your box is on its way creates a little adrenaline rush, and our members really respond to that. Take it from Margie – “Third and Main’s products are high quality, and season to season go so well together. Love getting my boxes every quarter!”

Personalization, baby

At Third & Main, our members enjoy personalization perks, meaning they get sneak peeks of our boxes and can choose certain items. Whether you’re a fan of our Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary, or Luxe boxe, everything is curated and cohesive, and sneak peeks mean you always get something you’ll love. This level of personalization  works particularly well for people who have trouble pulling together accessories from different stores or just don’t enjoy standing in a store and trying to visualize a particular piece in their home.

Knowing what’s coming doesn’t dampen enthusiasm, either. For many people, knowing what’s on the way is just as thrilling because they’re so impatient for its arrival. And waiting is hard!

Ain’t nobody got time for that

We’re all busy, and making time to run from store to store in search of home decor doesn’t appeal to everyone. A Third & Main subscription means amazing decor pieces come to you. Choose your style, personalize your box, and leave the rest to us! All of the curated pieces in our boxes are designed to work together and with one another, which means that over time, your home decor only gets better. 

And here’s a bonus – your subscription price costs you less than you would have paid if you tried to source and purchase these handpicked items individually.

Getting started

If you’ve been debating a home decor subscription box, it’s time to give it a go! Third & Main has three different subscription boxes to choose from, and we have a hunch you’ll love all the perks that come with being a member. Get started now – we can’t wait to see what you think!

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