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The Beauty of Third & Main Home Decor Boxes

The Beauty of Third & Main Home Decor Boxes

There are so many reasons to indulge in a Third & Main membership. Our home decor box subscriptions are designed to suit different design aesthetics, delivery frequency preferences and price point. But the real beauty of Third & Main home decor boxes is in the thoughtful curation of each and every box, which are designed to help you create an organic, cohesive, undeniably stylish home—naturally. Here’s how it works.

The Bigger Picture

Third & Main launched as the original seasonal home decor box in 2017, and in the years since, all sorts of competitors have cropped up. We love to see innovators in the space, and we pride ourselves on continuing to meet customer demand (our one-off summer box, for example, and our new semi-annual subscription). But we’re also sticking to our original vision: curating boxes filled with beautiful, boutique-quality decor that are designed to truly build on previous boxes. Forget mismatched home decor and clashing accessories that make you pick and choose what to display. The goal here is handpicking coordinating pieces that you’ll love season after season, year after year.

Take our Luxe 2022 and 2023 fall boxes, for example. We launched Luxe in 2022, and it was a big year for this prestige box. Our fall box was bursting with high-end pieces. Options included:

  • Amber cut glass pears
  • Luster glass hurricanes
  • An abstract metal vase with real-touch magnolia stems
  • Set of two velvet pillows with inserts
  • Preto agate photo frames

The emphasis was on rich tones and texture—pieces that are seasonally on point but can also work well around the year.

This year, options for our 2023 fall Luxe box (sneak peeks here!) include trios of delicate glass pumpkins with subtle marbling, slim bud vases, cut glass votives, and stunning floral accents. It’s a collection that stands on its own, but it also pairs beautifully with last year’s pieces. In fact, the lighter tones and textures from this year’s Luxe box are a stunning complement to the richer colors from last year, elevating the finished effect and helping to create a home aesthetic that grows organically and cohesively with time.

Of course, the same can be said for all of our boxes, whether you prefer a modern farmhouse aesthetic or something more contemporary.

The Takeaway

At Third & Main, we’re always thinking about the bigger picture. It’s not enough to send boxes of beautiful pieces if they don’t fit the desired aesthetic as a whole. Curating home decor and accessories that work together to freshen your space is always our goal, and our members know firsthand that we’re adding to your collection with each new box. If you aren’t a member, we invite you to join now and see for yourself!

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