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the beginning

Third & Main was developed out of a love of friendship, similar family values and two at home moms who wanted to venture back to work on their own terms and try to do some good along the way. Taking inspiration from a day out shopping & feeling blessed to live in such a wonderful little town, they wondered how they could give a touch of what Third Street offered - to everyone. Using their backgrounds from a previous life in IT Development and Digital Marketing, the two quickly got to work developing the framework for their new venture. Not only did they want to fill boxes with beautiful high-end items, but they wanted to help promote local makers. It was decided that each box would always try to feature at least one brand made in the US by a skilled artisan. Shop local. Just on a larger scale. Third & Main was born.


​Third & Main pays homage to the charming and historic town the co-founders are blessed to call home. Third and State streets in Geneva, IL and the main streets of St. Charles and Batavia, IL make up the tri-cities and offer some of the best boutique shopping for the home and self. Third & Main wants to box up this experience and deliver it to you. Think of us as The Boutique Shopping Experience Delivered.

Third & Main LLC was officially incorporated as a business in the state of Illinois in January of 2017. The first subscription box was sold out and shipped end of April 2017.

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