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All The Home Decor Subscriptions Boxes Offered By Third & Main

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All The Home Decor Subscriptions Boxes Offered By Third & Main

Third & Main may have started as the first modern farmhouse home decor box, but we’ve come a long way. Now, we’re proud to offer a selection of home decor plans to suit different styles, budget and preferences for shipping frequencies. There’s so much to enjoy, and to help you decide which one is right for you, we’re breaking down all of our home decor subscription boxes right here, right now.

Four Boxes, Four Design Aesthetics

We curate four different aesthetics in each of our boxes, with varying options for shipping. Let’s review.

Modern Farmhouse

It all started with the OG, our modern farmhouse box! This relaxed aesthetic blends comfortable classics with current trends for a fresh but familiar vibe. This approach to home decor is inspired by historic farmhouses—evident in details like shiplap walls, open shelving, wide-plank hardwood floors and apron-front sinks—with modern details that keep the whole thing feeling contemporary. Buzz words for this style include cozy, clean, simple, rustic, comforting and contemporary, with lots of neutrals, off-whites, grays and greige. Our modern farmhouse boxes include pieces handpicked to fit in—lots of natural wood finishes, whites, warm neutrals and blacks.

So, what do customers think?

“I absolutely LOVED my first Third & Main box! I received the Quarterly Modern Farmhouse box (Bundle 1) and the items all fit in so well with my current Fall home decor. The pumpkins were favorites and I used them on my mantel, along with the garland, and the Gather Pillow is in my fave chair. The box is such high quality and is curated so perfectly. I am definitely recommending it to friends and family.”

“I cannot get over how much I love this fall box. High quality products with thoughtful curation. Products are even more beautiful in person and I am sure I will be using them for years to come.”

“Each Modern Farmhouse box I have received is absolute perfection! Everything coordinates so beautifully and makes decorating my home so easy. Thank you!”

This box is available with two options for shipping: quarterly or semi-annually. The quarterly option includes four boxes per year, shipped seasonally, for $159 per box with free shipping. Each box includes four to five decor items. The semi-annual box ships free twice per year for $265 per box and includes four to six decor items.

Modern Traditional

Our modern traditional box is where modern meets classic. This design style puts a fresh spin on traditional decor for a timeless yet trendy vibe. Refined without feeling fussy, modern traditional takes its inspirations from classic architecture and design but puts a modern spin on it. It’s a high-end style steeped in tradition, and that’s reflected in our boxes, which include higher-valued items and plenty of warm neutrals.

Very nice year round décor pieces. Quality is right on. Love the new Semi Annual timing.”

We have one shopping option for our modern traditional box. It ships free semi-annually for $285 and includes four to six curated items.


Fans of the contemporary design style love its subtle sophistication, sleek feel, elegant finishes and strong, clean lines. The overall feel is smooth and uncluttered, and less is definitely more. That means intentional use of decor, which is exactly what guides our curation in these boxes.

"This was my first box. I got the Fall Contemporary box and was thrilled with every item. Everything was of the highest quality and gave me beautiful things to decorate my home. Your curation was right on point and so perfect. Looking forward to getting my Winter Contemporary box!"

"I subscribe to multiple home decor subscription boxes but this is definitely my favorite. The quality and style is always there!!! I have to send videos and pictures to my girlfriends at every box cause they are just as excited as I am when the box gets delivered. 10/10 recommend!"

Like our modern farmhouse boxes, our contemporary boxes ship quarterly or semi-annually. Quarterly boxes ship four times per year at $169 per box with free shipping and four to five decor pieces per box. Semi-annual boxes have four to six decor pieces and ship free twice per year for $290 per box.


This box is our answer to those Third & Main fans who wanted more. From packaging and unboxing to the prestige items and brands in every box, we’ve made the entire experience as luxe as possible. This is our most glamorous offering in terms of finish, scale, quality and exclusivity.

"Purchased the winter 2022 luxe box and it is so beautiful and the quality of the products and packaging in amazing. I’ve been a Third and main contemporary box subscriber for over a year and I’m amazed how well the boxes pair with each other!"

"I eagerly look forward to receiving my Luxe box each quarter. The curation is done so thoughtfully. The decor included is of the highest quality and each box seems to blend beautifully with prior boxes. Even the presentation of the items in the box is beautifully done. It’s a wonderful gift to myself. Love it!"

Luxe ships quarterly for $499 per box plus $24.99 shipping. Each box contains five to seven items.

Not A Subscriber Yet?

If you’re ready to treat yourself, we can’t wait for you to become a Third & Main member. We’re always here to answer questions about our boxes and plans, and we love hearing from you! Our summer reveal just dropped, so this is a great time to join the Third & Main family and see what all the buzz is about.

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