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5 Tips For Pairing Rugs And Artwork From The Pros At Third & Main

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5 Tips For Pairing Rugs And Artwork From The Pros At Third & Main

If you’re a frequent visitor to the Third & Main decor shop, you may have noticed some exciting new additions. We’re officially featuring artwork and rugs, and we are so excited about these latest offerings. Incorporating rugs and wall art is a wonderful way to incorporate texture and layers, anchor or define a space, and add warmth and visual appeal. The key is finding rugs and artwork that work for your space. To help you get started, we’re sharing five tips for pairing rugs and wall art.

Remember the 30-60-10 Rule

The 30-60-10 interior design rule is the golden rule for coordinating color in your home’s decor. When choosing artwork, the main color should represent about 60% of the color used in the room’s design. Thirty percent is the secondary color or texture, and the remaining 10% is an accent. By following this rule, you avoid competing or clashing colors, which can feel visually overwhelming and discordant. You can then incorporate a rug that either blends cohesively or is in high contrast if you want to add a sense of movement and interest.

Color Match the Rug To The Art

There are two ways to approach this. You can use contrasting colors (lighter or darker shades) for a lively, dynamic effect. Think of the visual impact of classic black and white tile, for example. Or, you can color blend, which is the best approach if you’re going for a zen, harmonious space. In that case, you’d choose similar or even the same color palette for both your artwork and your rug.

You can also opt to match a rug to a secondary color in your artwork. This secondary color will complement the primary color, which means a bigger range with which to play. You can play up vibrancy with these complementary colors or keep things calmer, depending on the colors you choose to emphasize.

Match Design To Style

If you don’t want to play up color, try matching the design of the rug to a specific style or theme of art. If you have something Bohemian, for example, pairing it with a rug that has soft, neutral colors can add warmth. A Persian rug is a wonderful pairing with classic and subtle art—think vintage imagery or black and white photographs.

Play Up The Rug

If you find a particularly spectacular rug, make it the central piece of art in the space. With so many options for colors, patterns and styles, rugs can work really well as the focal point. Then, add a subtle art piece that flatters—but doesn’t overwhelm—the rug’s design.

Focus On Mood

If you’re more of a “feeling” decorator, lean into that. Tie together similar pieces that share the same mood, whether it’s bright and cheery, dark and dramatic, elegant and understated or effortlessly chic. Pairing artwork with a rug that shares the same mood will help solidify the sentiment.

The Takeaway

There are so many benefits to adding artwork and rugs to your home, and tying them together is a simple way to build a theme in a specific space. Focusing on the existing palette is the best way to find pieces that will work beautifully. Here at Third & Main, we’re looking forward to bringing in more artwork and rug options to suit a range of styles, so keep checking the decor shop! 

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