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Third & Main Announces Semi-Annual Home Decor Boxes

Third & Main Announces Semi-Annual Home Decor Boxes

Big news! You know and love Third & Main for our home decor subscription boxes, and now we’re giving you something else to love. Beginning this fall, our beloved Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary boxes will be available with a semi-annual subscription. Here’s what that means for current and new members.

The (New) Standard for Home Decor Boxes

Back in 2017, Third & Main was the first home decor subscription box, and that alone was thrilling. These days, the home decor box market space is pretty full with niche options. It means our members often subscribe to multiple home decor boxes–and that adds up a lot of home decor! But sometimes, less really is more. Instead of lower-ticket items sent more frequently, what about higher-quality items less often? That was our thought process with our newest box, the semi-annual Modern Traditional. Spoiler–it was such a hit, our members reached out with requests for the same option with our Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary boxes. You asked, we listened, and now, we’re so excited to make it happen! It’s one more way Third & Main is setting the standard for home decor subscription boxes. After all, we started it!

Our new semi-annual modern farmhouse and contemporary boxes will follow the Modern Traditional schedule and ship twice annually, in March and September. Summer boxes are currently scheduled, with no changes to these boxes, and our fall/winter semi-annual boxes in Modern Farmhouse, Contemporary, and Modern Traditional are now for sale.

Check out our YouTube video with more details, or feel free to reach out directly to Remember, there are no changes to our summer boxes, but if you’d like to pause your fall Modern Farmhouse or Contemporary subscription so that you can sign up for the new semi-annual box, we’re happy to help!

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