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5 Tips for a Slow Transition to Autumn Decor

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5 Tips for a Slow Transition to Autumn Decor

We're starting the slow slide into autumn, which means cooler days are just ahead, and we're all about embracing the slow transition from one season to the next. Instead of swapping out all the decor in your home over a single weekend—bye bye, lemon-emblazoned pitchers, hello, pumpkins!—try enjoying the process. Over a few weeks, refresh your home with a few swaps and changes to welcome fall in the same slow, steady way it creeps in. You'll find plenty to love in our fall decor shop and all of our fall boxes, and here, we're sharing five e easy tips for a slow transition to autumn decor.

Layer It Up

During the warmer months, it's all about lightening and brightening, something often accomplished by removing layers. This is the time of year to start putting them back! Amp up coziness and warmth with a cozy throw over your favorite easy chair and experiment with layering your favorite accessories. Be mindful of incorporating a little texture too.

Begin Adding Seasonal Color

No need to jump headfirst into the warm, rich tones of the season—just start working in some color so that your home makes it clear that autumn is on its way. Woven accessories, fall foliage, and soft textiles like pillows and throws are all simple swaps for lighter, cooler, and more neutral summer colors.

Start Switching out the Pillows

Slipcovers make it easy to change out existing pillows for seasonality, but even the addition of a single new pillow can signal the seasonal shift. Need inspiration? Check out our charming Gather pillow!

Shift to Fall-Inspired Foliage

We're big fans of real-touch florals and foliage, and we're positively swooning over pieces like the pale mauve maple leaf spray and this fall bouquet with peonies, dahlias and sunflowers.

Incorporate Seasonal Visual Cues

A single pumpkin, a fall-inspired botanical or accessory, or an autumnal piece of artwork all serve as visual cues that autumn isn't far away. Pare back the summer accessories and begin to slowly dial up the autumn decor, but enjoy the process!

The Takeaway

So much of home decor is about evoking a feeling, and in autumn, it's all about the cozy vibes. Light a candle for soft ambient lighting (and a seasonal fragrance), make sure a warm throw is easily accessible, soften the textiles around you, and embrace the change.

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