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The One-Time-Purchase Summer Box from Third & Main is Here!

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The One-Time-Purchase Summer Box from Third & Main is Here!

Let’s say you’re not a Third & Main member just yet. You’ve been debating and considering and going back and forth, but you just aren’t quite ready to sign up. If only you could get a sample box without the commitment of a membership! We hear you loud and clear, and we’re thrilled to offer a one-time-purchase summer box! Think of it as a way of dipping your toes in—it’s a little taste of Third & Main without the membership (which, to be honest, is good and bad!).

Meet the One-Time-Purchase Summer Box!

No subscription? No problem! The one-time-purchase summer box from Third & Main is available in a few options. Customers can choose from three Modern Farmhouse and three Contemporary boxes. While Third & Main members enjoy selections options prior to shipping, 10% off all shop items, and fabulous decor shipped right to your door every quarter, our one-time-purchase summer box is, well, a one-time thing! If you love the idea of checking out a box with no commitment and no need to set a reminder to cancel a subscription you’ve decided you don’t want, this is the box for you.

Now, let’s talk about your options! If you dig the modern farmhouse kind of vibe, you’re in luck:

  • Box 1: This lemon-forward box is all bright yellows, sweet faux florals and rustic, weathered touches. You’ll love the embossed metal sign, wood tablet holder, hand-painted striped pitcher, yellow poppies and other goodies.
  • Box 2: The emphasis in this modern farmhouse box is definitely on the modern, with darker pops for contrast and sophisticated faux magnolia. A stoneware bud vase trio, handcrafted black mango wood cookbook holder and platter board, and stylish kitchen towel are big on design and detail.
  • Box 3: This box strikes the perfect balance of classic farmhouse and modern feel. We love the marble and wood board, dried floral and natural grains bouquet, distressed terracotta crock and whitewashed wood bowl (and there’s more!).

Contemporary decor lovers, all three one-time-purchase summer boxes include a set of beautiful faux butterflies in clear acrylic, a stunning real-touch potted orchid, a mirrored silver tray, and your choice of votives (blue fluted, alabaster, or white confetti).

These boxes will go quickly, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Get yours today and see for yourself what’s so special about Third & Main!

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