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The Best Way to Deal with Too Much Home Decor

The Best Way to Deal with Too Much Home Decor

We’ll be honest—for all their benefits, there’s a single downside to quarterly home decor boxes. Sometimes, you really can have too much of a good thing, and that’s certainly true of home decor. If you’re debating pausing a membership because you want more decor, but you really don’t need it, we have a better idea. Switch to a semi-annual home decor box subscription instead of quarterly! It’s the best way to deal with too much home decor.

The Beauty of the Semi-Annual Home Decor Box

Good things come to those who wait—for their semi-annual home decor box! Instead of quarterly boxes that tend to have a more seasonal focus, the semi-annual subscription from Third & Main embraces a broader design emphasis.

We offer three home decor styles with a semi-annual subscription:

  • Modern traditional. Classical furnishings meet relaxed contemporary living with this design aesthetic, which is a stylish combination of modern and traditional.
  • Contemporary. This aesthetic is sleek and sophisticated, with lots of texture and clean lines.
  • Modern farmhouse. Our original home decor aesthetic, everyone knows and loves modern farmhouse! It’s functional, low maintenance, neutral, cozy and relaxed.

Each box ships twice per year, in the spring and fall. While there isn’t an explicit seasonal focus, you can expect nods to spring/summer in the first box of the year, and fall/winter in the second. Our semi-annual boxes ship with four to six higher-value items apiece, with a total value between $255 and $280. It’s the perfect amount of home decor piece and the infrequency of delivery means heightened anticipation and excitement.

As a Third & Main subscriber, you’ll also enjoy early access to customize your box, a digital style guide included in every box, 10% off all the items in our ever-growing shop, and a few other perks. Ready to get started? We don’t blame you! Choose your box now and enjoy a home decor gift to yourself twice per year.

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  • Third & Main Customer Care Team

    Hi Mian,

    We are so glad you found this helpful, and enjoyed the blog! Many of us on our team found that we were all accumulating too many things, so this was a great option that we had to share with everyone else.

  • Mian Umair

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