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7 Steps to Decorating Your Living Room Like a Pro

7 Steps to Decorating Your Living Room Like a Pro

Your living room is most likely a big space, and let’s face it – decorating in here can feel a little intimidating. But you can do this! The key is breaking down that big, scary task into smaller, more manageable steps – seven of them, to be exact. Read on for our seven steps to decorating your living room like a pro.

Measure the space first

One of the cardinal sins of decorating is overlooking size and scale. The idea is to work with your space, not against it. To do that, you need an accurate idea of the square footage. These are the numbers that will guide your furniture, window treatment, and rug choices, not to mention the fun stuff – decor and accessories! Knowing what you’re working with makes it much easier to size up a new piece of art or that oversized mirror and decide whether it’s too big or too small to work.

Set your intentions

Every home and family are different, and the beauty of decorating your living room is that you get to decide exactly how you want to live in it. Spend some time thinking through what really matters to you in terms of form and function. Above all, the finished room should be an accurate reflection of you and your lifestyle. If that includes kids, dogs, and movie nights, this room needs to be a space that accommodates it! So, you know, be realistic.

Decide on a design aesthetic

It can be hard to pin down a specific aesthetic by name alone. Modern farmhouse? Contemporary? Classic? Eclectic? So don’t get too hung up on labels. Look for inspiration online or in magazines – what stops you in your tracks? Where can you see yourself comfortably settling in? And don’t worry about committing to one design aesthetic forever and ever, but keep in mind that establishing a general design scheme can help you narrow down furnishings and decor pieces. At Third & Main, we have our home decor boxes that make this part easy. Choose your preferred design style, and we’ll make sure you get decor and accessories that will complement your space beautifully.

Start shopping

We’ll go ahead and assume that you already have your furniture in place. If you’re starting from scratch, choose the larger pieces first to ground the space – sofa and area rug, for example – and then build out from there. If you’re just looking to freshen things up with new decor, seasonal swaps are always a great option (and a Third & Main subscription is definitely the way to go!).

Don’t forget the walls

Overlooking the walls gives the impression that something’s been forgotten. It’s part of a room’s decor – the “glitter” that adds character, depth, and personality. Mirrors and artwork are always a good option, as are gallery walls or a single statement piece.

Never skip the green accents

Plants and florals are always the perfect finishing touch to any space. They add an organic freshness that both highlights the season and works as a bridge for transitioning from one to the next. Realistic faux plants are always a smart move too!

The takeaway

Breaking down the big task of “decorating the living room” into seven manageable steps makes it much easier to create a space that really reflects you and your lifestyle. Once you have the framework in place, keep things fresh and current with decor swaps a few times a year – and remember that a Third & Main membership is the easiest way to make that happen!

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