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3 Easy Ways to Transition Home Decor From Winter to Spring

3 Easy Ways to Transition Home Decor From Winter to Spring

For a lot of people, seasonal decor tends to be really holiday-specific. You’ve got your Christmas tree, your Easter eggs, your Fourth of July flags — you get the picture. But true seasonal decor embraces the season itself, with pieces designed to highlight a unique vibe and style. It’s a look that lasts a little longer than a single holiday, with plenty of room for special touches to mark special days. One of the more challenging times of year is the transition from winter to spring. Both seasons have very distinct aesthetics and feels, and bridging the gap with your home decor can be daunting. To help you get started, Third & Main is sharing a few easy ways to transition your home decor from winter to spring, plus the easiest way to bring it all together.

Meet Mid-Season Decor

There’s a funny window when winter feels like it’s over, but spring definitely hasn’t sprung. And that’s where mid-season decor finds its niche. The idea is to highlight specific, complementary elements from both seasons in your home decor. When you do it right, you bring out the best of both winter and spring for an effect that’s truly timely. Here’s how.

Incorporate Natural Elements

If spring flowers are popping up at the market, treat yourself! A bouquet of tulips, daffodils, or ranunculus on the kitchen or coffee table is an instant nod to spring, even if the weather is still cold outside.

Cherry branches, dried grapewood, decorative moss, and the like are all classic transitional winter-to-spring decor options. These kinds of elements are all ideal go-between accent pieces because they’re so versatile. Keep them spare for a winter aesthetic, or mix them with some greenery or flowers for a fresh spring feel.

Layer Fresh, Subtle Color Over Cool Neutrals

Layering subtle pops of color over icy neutrals is another way to seamlessly blend the two seasons. Swap out pillow covers, add a pretty, pale throw to the sofa or bed, update table settings — you have tons of options here. To fully transition to spring, opt for bolder, brighter colors and rotate out the icier elements where you can.

Freshen Up Glass & Metallic Accents

Glass and metallic accents work perfectly all year round — the trick is adding or removing elements to suit the season. In the spring, a little color softens metallics and glass decor pieces nicely. The combination of cool and warm tones — think a mix of white and blush pillows, or fresh, colorful filler in a  clear glass vessel — a beautiful combination of icy winter with the vibrancy of spring.

Pulling it Together

You could absolutely shop for transitional decor pieces individually — scour the internet, hit the brick-and-mortar stores — and hope they work well together. If that sounds exhausting and a little intimidating, we get it! That’s where a home decor subscription box comes in. At Third & Main, we offer quarterly home decor boxes that are designed to make the seasonal transition simple. We do all the heavy lifting in curating timeless pieces that stand alone or work together, and all you have to do is unbox and style! We offer both Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary home decor boxes, so you can be sure that everything suits your preferred aesthetic. A home decor subscription box is really the easiest way to navigate the seasonal home decor transition — sign up for your box today!

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