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Meet a Local Maker from The Fall Modern Farmhouse Box!

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Meet a Local Maker from The Fall Modern Farmhouse Box!

Meet Betsy Joy, the maker of the chunky knit pumpkins in the Modern Farmhouse fall boxes. We're so excited to shine a little light on this amazing craftsman!

Home Sweet Joy Decor

Betsy opened her small Chicago-based business, Home Sweet Joy Decor, in 2021. Her shop offers  a wonderful mix of unique items that emphasize timeless textures and cozy home finishes. Every product offered in her shop is handmade and designed with quality materials.

"I believe the pieces in your home should bring you joy," she shares. "I also believe in spreading joy, which is why each month I choose a different charity to donate a portion of my proceeds."

Betsy's shop is a star seller on Etsy, which reflects customer satisfaction in terms of shipping, responsiveness, and reviews.

Her customers shop all sorts of farmhouse goodies, like chunky knit holiday stockings, Christmas tree skirts, wooden beads, flour sack kitchen towels, seasonal wreaths, and the most fabulous knit pumpkins. In fact, we love them so much, we included Betsy's chunky knit pumpkins in our Modern Farmhouse Fall Box.

Betsy's pumpkins come in medium, medium, and large sizes in a stylish color palette that works all season long. Customers rave about their softness, quality, and craftsmanship, and honestly, we couldn't agree more.

We Love Local Makers!


Here at Third & Main, we love supporting local makers, and we prioritize them for a few reasons.

First, it's a feel-good thing when you shop small over the big box store. But it's so much more than that! By choosing small and local makers, you're supporting the artists and craftsmen who pour their heart and soul and passion and skill into their work. That's something that deserves to be celebrated. Handmade items are truly individual, and that makes them so much more special than something you grab off the shelf.

Remember, every home decor box here at Third & Main is carefully curated with our customers in mind. By including pieces from local makers, we're not only supporting their work, we're helping you make your home decor special (and undeniably stylish, of course).

Look for Betsy's chunky knit pumpkins in your fall box, and visit her Etsy shop to add more pumpkins to your collection!

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