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Looking for a Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Subscription Box?

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Looking for a Modern Farmhouse Home Decor Subscription Box?

Third & Main got its start with the modern farmhouse home decor subscription box, and it’s still a bestseller. It makes sense — the aesthetic has its roots in the classic farmhouse style, but modern touches make it warm and enduring. Here’s what to understand about this decor style, plus the best option for a modern farmhouse home decor subscription box.

Classic vs Modern Farmhouse

Call it class, rustic, or vintage, but traditional farmhouse is inspired from the farm homes of settlers, with a simple, sturdy, practical vibe. Think natural wood elements, apron sinks, vintage accessories, and traditional fabrics, like paisley and floral.

Modern farmhouse builds on this foundation and incorporates a modern feel with neutral color schemes and clean lines. It’s a style completely at home with stainless steel appliances, granite or marble countertops, and sleek lighting.

Nailing the Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic

There are five guidelines to keep in mind when you’re bringing in a modern farmhouse style to your home:

    • Keep it natural. Distressed woods and natural fibers and elements are a nod to the classic farmhouse style.
    • Keep it neutral. Cool or warm tones — think gray, silver, cream or taupe — are an ideal balance to natural elements, and they underpin this aesthetic. These neutral colors will help your home feel open and fresh, and they’re the perfect foundation to any simple patterns you bring in for depth and contrast.
    • Keep it practical. This is a standout feature — pieces that you actually use! Nothing should be too special or precious for regular use, so strive for comfort and function.
    • Keep it mixed. Mixing and matching old and new and traditional and industrial touches make this decor style feel authentic and stylish. Contrast those natural elements with stainless steel appliances, or a new sectional with a classic coffee table.
    • Keep it simple. Remember — cozy, not cluttered. Don’t overdo it with accessories, and modern or industrial elements give the farmhouse style a modern touch.

The idea is a simple, comfortable, stylish look that’s at once accessible and inviting. And with the modern farmhouse home decor subscription box, it’s something anyone can do. We’ve already covered all the reasons a home decor box subscription is the easiest way to decorate — it comes down to convenience, cohesion, and styling tips, and that’s true whether you have a knack for design or not. And with a Third & Main subscription, you also enjoy all the benefits of membership.

With the spring officially here, it’s a great time to embrace the fresh, natural elements of modern farmhouse. We make it easy! Learn more about our modern farmhouse subscription box, or check out our contemporary box if you’re looking for something different.

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