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The Easiest Way to Decorate in a Contemporary Style

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The Easiest Way to Decorate in a Contemporary Style

The modern farmhouse style isn't going anywhere any time soon, but it's not for everyone. And that's okay! But given the popularity of this style, finding home decor pieces that fit a more classic contemporary aesthetic — less traditional farmhouse and more clean, minimal, and modern — can mean a little more legwork. Here’s what to understand about the contemporary design aesthetic, plus the easiest way to decorate in a contemporary style.


The contemporary style of decorating has a few pillars. The Spruce defines it as focused on simplicity, with subtle sophistication, intentional use of texture, and clean lines. The emphasis isn’t so much on things as it is on space. In practice, contemporary style creates a sleek, fresh feel.

To nail this aesthetic, there are a few best practices:

    • Color. The three main colors in contemporary styling are black, white, and neutrals. Bright, bold colors are typically used for balance.
    • Strong, visible lines. This can be architectural (high ceilings, bare windows) or in decor (art, sculpture), but it’s most definitely there.
    • Smooth, clean, uncluttered. In contemporary styling, less is more. That typically means going bigger and bolder, not cute, small, or fussy.

A couple of mental pictures to help you visualize — think of a single animal-skin print pillow on a sleek leather chair, or organic touches like fresh florals to soften the expansive lines of tile and cabinetry in an open kitchen.

While a true contemporary design requires a decluttered space to create the sense of openness, that doesn’t mean decor pieces are out. The key is being mindful. And the contemporary home decor subscription box from Third & Main makes it easy!

The Easiest Way to Execute Contemporary Style

While all Third & Main members have already had their sneak peeks of our spring contemporary box, we’ve since opened up first looks to non-members, too. The focus is on geometric prints, metallic accents, and organic touches. The color palette is neutral, lines are clearly stated, and the effect as a whole — for each piece separately and as part of a cohesive style — is sleek and fresh.

Our contemporary home decor box ships quarterly and brings you a curated selection of pieces that will fit effortlessly into your chic, understated style. That’s the point of home decor subscription boxes — they make life easier!

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