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What to Expect in a Seasonal Home Decor Box

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What to Expect in a Seasonal Home Decor Box

Something wonderful happens when the delivery driver drops off a package you’ve been eagerly expecting, and that’s particularly true when the delivery is a seasonal home decor box. Between the excitement that it’s finally here and the anticipation of what goodies are just waiting to be unpacked, it’s an all-around good time! And while we can’t speak for anyone but ourselves, we’re excited to spill the tea on what exactly to expect in a seasonal home decor box.

Subscribe & Enjoy

An active subscription to Third & Main means four seasonal gift boxes make their way to your door every year. We include between four and six fabulous items in every box, and our team spends countless hours searching for the most amazing finds. Our award-winning boxes are curated to include pieces that work together seamlessly, and that includes pieces that have come in earlier boxes too. But don’t worry — everything we include stands on its own. Plus, with options for Modern Farmhouse or Contemporary boxes, you can be sure you’ll get decor pieces that work with your personal style.

Our members get early access to product selections, so if you can’t bear surprises, you’re in luck! You’ll have the option of choosing a few items early, and add-on items are often available with exclusive members-only choices. Our members enjoy free shipping, and we provide tracking information when your box ships so you know exactly when it will arrive.

When you open your box, you’ll find everything packed with care. And every box comes with an included brochure that features tips for styling your new pieces, so it’s not an issue if you don’t have a designer’s touch.

A big differentiator with a Third & Main box is that everything is included for a finished look. That means each pillow cover comes with an insert, every vase comes with some sort of complementary filler, every candlestick has a perfectly-sized candle — you get the idea! The goal is convenience, and the last thing we want is for our members to open their boxes and then immediately rush out to the store to find the perfect touch to complete the look. You get it all in one box!

Home Decor, Simplified

There are all kinds of reasons to consider a home decor subscription box, and expectations will vary depending on which box you choose. At Third & Main, we take great pride in our award-winning boxes, and our goal is exceeding our members’ expectations every time. We make the home decor experience easy and fun, and our members agree.

“The products are beautiful, great quality and easily fit in with my holiday/winter decor. Can't wait to get more boxes in the future!”

“This will be my third year as a subscriber, this box never disappoints! It is the gift that gives all year round.”

“I absolutely love my sub boxes. I have received 3 boxes and they are absolutely beautiful and high quality. Each piece is exceptional and carefully chosen to make decorating easy and beautiful.”

“Each piece is so thoughtful. Very high quality, and I used every piece decorating with ease.”

Not a member? Let’s fix that right now! Make your way over to our subscription page and choose the style that suits you most. Then get ready for your Third & Main seasonal home decor box to exceed your expectations!

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