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How to Choose the Very Best Home Decor Subscription Box for You

How to Choose the Very Best Home Decor Subscription Box for You

The appeal of home decor subscription boxes is clear—who doesn’t like a quarterly box of stylish home goods shipped right to their door?! And like other subscription boxes (think beauty or art), a home decor box makes life a little easier. The hardest part might be choosing which box suits you best. And to help, we’re sharing a few tips to help you zero in on the very best home subscription box for your home and lifestyle.

Meeting a Need

Decorating a home is a bit of an art. Some people have the knack—and/or the education—and others need a little help. There are design principles that will help you merge elements like color, scale, texture, pattern, and space for a cohesive aesthetic. But principles are one thing—executing them can be another


That’s where home decor subscription boxes come in. Instead of running from store to store or scouring the internet and trying to figure out whether the image on your phone will actually work in your living room, you get a box of curated home decor pieces sent right to your door. When you subscribe to Third & Main, you have the choice of our Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary boxes to match your sense of style. Either way, you can count on a selection of stylish yet timeless pieces that coordinate beautifully, while also standing alone. Plus, we include tips for styling. It’s an easy way to bring a designer’s touch to your home and freshen things up as the seasons change.

Choosing a Home Decor Subscription Box

If you’re excited to jump on the home decor subscription box train, you’re probably wondering where to get started. A big part of the appeal is getting something you actually want. That means you need to choose a subscription pretty carefully. Here’s what to keep in mind as you consider your options:

    • Your style. Do you fall into the farmhouse camp, or are you into more modern decor? Look for a box that curates the kind of decor you’ll actually be excited to get.
    • Your budget. Home decor subscription boxes come in a few price points, so figure out what you want to spend and go from there.
    • Your timing preferences. Are you looking for a monthly box, or something a little more substantial that comes quarterly? That will also guide your decision making.

Once you’ve zeroed in on a few companies that tick all the boxes, do a little online sleuthing. What do customers have to say about their boxes? Any mention of broken items, poorly-wrapped items, low quality, shipping issues, or anything else that’s concerning or off-putting? You want a home decor subscription box that comes with rave reviews. If a company is consistently getting negative feedback, there’s probably a reason for it.

The Bottom Line

Home decor subscription boxes are a fun way to style your home, and with a little consideration and research, you can figure out which option is right for your needs. And if it happens to be a quarterly box filled with high-end options in a modern farmhouse or contemporary aesthetic, we have just the home decor subscription box for you!

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  • Mary

    I love the black vases with the gold accents in the pic too! I hope these are a spoiler for a future box! My main living area is more blue; but, these pieces would work in my bedroom.

  • KB

    Love the items(vases, throw pillows, tea-light candle holders shown in the pictures in this and the latest blogs(door wreath). Just curious if these are spoilers for the Spring Box…just saying…;-) Also, Blue seems to be the predominant color…my favorite color, love it all!

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