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Fall Decor Colors We’re Eagerly Anticipating in 2023

Fall Decor Colors We’re Eagerly Anticipating in 2023

We’re positively roasting, along with most of the world, but local stores are already prepping for the next seasonal change. And we get it! Here at Third & Main, we’re putting the final touches on our autumn home decor boxes and we’ve absolutely nailed the color palette—check out sneak peeks here! Every box is brimming with goodies that are perfectly aligned with 2023’s anticipated autumn colors. Here, we’re breaking those colors down so you know exactly what’s ahead.

2023 Colors of Fall

Drum roll, please… interior designers and fashionistas alike are calling honey the autumn color of 2023, and we’re here for it! This fall color trend is soft and moody, ranging from a pale, almost transparent gold to a deeper, richer golden amber. It’s warm and plays so nicely with others, especially in small doses. Try working it into your decor via natural elements—honey-toned woods and golden metallics make it easy to bring this trend into your home without overdoing it.

Autumn is practically synonymous with earthy colors, but the difference this year is saturation. Plan on muted, soft shades of your favorite earthy shades. Yes, you’ll still see oranges, but expect them to veer softer, toward muted peachy tones, with dusty roses sprinkled in. Browns and reds will be deeper and richer—think rust and burgundy.

Balance these earthy colors with white and light neutrals, along with a pop of black, to keep them fresh and balanced, without becoming too muddy. And good news—we’ve incorporated some of 2023’s autumn colors into our fall subscriptions boxes, which means your autumn decor refresh truly couldn’t be easier.

Not a Third & Main member just yet? Don’t wait! Members get early access to personalize their boxes, so you pick and choose what you like best. We have a selection of home decor box subscriptions to choose from, with options for subscription frequency and aesthetic, so there really is something for everyone. Get started today, and get ready for autumn!

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