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Why a Home Decor Subscription Box is Totally Budget-Friendly

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Why a Home Decor Subscription Box is Totally Budget-Friendly

There’s no question that a quarterly home decor subscription box is a treat to yourself. And you deserve it! But you may also be gratified to learn that a home decor box from Third & Main is also a budget-friendly way to keep your decor fresh. Here’s why.

More Bang for your Buck

A Modern Farmhouse or Contemporary home decor subscription from Third & Main will set you back $129 or $149, respectively, with boxes shipping four times per year. That’s an annual price tag between $500 and $600 for no fewer than 28 separate pieces. Now, consider the cost of a single nice candle or decor piece, like a beautiful wooden tray, realistic faux greenery, a stylish vessel, a beautiful throw, kitchen linens, or a pair of throw pillows with slipcovers. These are the kinds of home items we include in our quarterly boxes, and we prioritize quality in everything we curate – no cheap trinkets here!

Take the Modern Farmhouse summer box. We included a 12” tray woven with natural fibers, a set of two antique brass pillar candle holders with a beautiful flameless candle, a potted real-touch ranunculus in various colors, a potted real-touch fern, and your choice of a set of four napkins in either white fringe or gray pom pom and your choice of either a 9” delicate ceramic pitcher or a glass decanter with a beech wood stopper. Boxes for current members ship free, and new members will spend just $10 to most destinations. 

So let’s break it down – the retail value of these items is somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 and $300 if you tried to purchase them separately. And that doesn’t include the gas money/mileage and/or online shopping time/shipping fees you’d need to invest to hunt them all down (or far more likely, similar items).

Part of the beauty of a home decor subscription box is the convenience factor – everything comes to you, and it’s a mistake to undervalue your own time.

For those of you who aren’t really confident in your decorating skills, a home decor subscription box from Third & Main also saves you the headache of going back and forth between your home and the store and/or mailbox to return items that just aren’t playing nicely. All of the home decor pieces we so tirelessly source are thoughtfully paired to the greatest effect. Not only do they stand beautifully on their own, but they build on previous boxes for home decor that develops organically – while still keeping things fresh. It’s something to consider if you’re routinely treating yourself to home decor pieces online or in stores and finding that the effect is more mish-mash and jumbled than stylish and inviting!

Ready to Save?

Over a year, you’ll find that you spend less on a Third & Main home decor subscription box than you would in stores and online, and that’s in addition to all the perks of membership. If you’re ready to put that to the test for yourself, sign up for your very first box today!

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