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4 Tricks for Freshening Home Decor on a Budget

4 Tricks for Freshening Home Decor on a Budget

Creating a home that makes you feel calm, centered, inspired, happy, or any version of those feelings resonates with many of us. That desire is what drives entire industries and professions, from interior design to organization experts. It’s also why, at some point, we tend to look around our homes and decide it’s time for a change. But if your wallet can’t keep up with your changing whims, good news – we’re sharing four tricks for freshening your home decor on a budget.

Swap out the pillows

Think of this as the lowest-hanging fruit. Throw pillows are multifunctional, serving an aesthetic role and making you more comfortable on movie night. But they’re also an easy way to update your space, with a pleasingly immediate effect – and minimal effort. Plus, well-priced slipcovers are the secret to big changes on a budget. Once you’ve invested in some good pillow inserts, changing your space is as simple as changing the pillow cover. Let the season – or your mood – be your guide, and get ready for a major transformation. And bonus – throw pillows work with any style aesthetic because you can find them in endless patterns, textures, and hues.

Add natural elements

Adding greenery to your home’s decor is another way to get a big bang for your buck. Live elements, like plants, fresh flowers, even bowls of fruit can trigger multiple senses – sight, touch, smell. They also work wonderfully as a seasonal element. And you can’t beat the price of a few oranges or lemons!

For something a little more permanent, think faux. Today’s faux greenery is really impressive in terms of realism and price point, and you get the convenience of a plant or floral arrangement that will look vibrant forever, no matter how not-green your thumb may be.

Pro tip – the container is just as important as the plants inside, so don’t overlook this decor element!

Declutter & restyle

Budget really tight? Work with what you have. Grab all your decor pieces from every room, lay everything out on the floor to see exactly what you’re working with, and then start styling your space room by room. This accomplishes two things. First, you’ll clear out any inadvertent clutter that’s accumulated as you’ve added pieces to your space. Second, you’ll be able to find new homes for favorite pieces – and you’d be surprised what a difference simply moving around can have.

Get a home decor box subscription

Subscribing to a home decor subscription box like Third & Main is a great way to keep things fresh and coordinated on a budget. You’ll get curated accent pieces, including pillows (inserts included!) and fabulous faux greenery with stylish containers, that will brighten any space. Plus, letting our designers do the work of sourcing these pieces means you have time and money, particularly since the price point of each box adds up to well over what you’ll spend on your subscription. It takes the guesswork out of great decor, and members have the option of choosing some of the finds in every box.

Ready to get started? Choose the home decor subscription box that suits your personal style and follow our tips to refresh your space – without blowing your budget! 

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