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Top Design Trends for 2023

Top Design Trends for 2023

Recently, the design pros here at Third & Main shared tips for making the bedroom a haven with design trends for 2023. Now, we’re back with 2023 trends that you can enjoy in any room. Pro tip—any of our home decor boxes and the Third & Main decor shop make it really easy to incorporate many of these trends without even leaving the house!

2023 Wall Color Trends: Warmer Neutrals

Grays ruled for years, but these days, they’re veering toward versions with much warmer undertones—or being subbed out altogether in favor of whites, beiges and tans. These softer, warmers colors have a downright nourishing feel that create the perfect backdrop and set whatever tone you’re going for. And while it’s true that Third & Main hasn’t broken into the residential paint business just yet, you’ll find all kinds of accessories in our home decor subscription boxes and the Third & Main decor shop that work beautifully with warmer neutrals! 

2023 Home Decor Texture Trends: A Natural Vibe

Experts predicted that 2023 would be a year of earthy, texture-rich furniture and accessories, and they weren’t wrong! Pieces like fuzzy throws, wooden accents, and excellent faux plants add immediate visual interest. We’re big fans of real-touch florals, which offer all the benefits of their real counterparts without the drawbacks. Plus, they’re easy to switch out to freshen up your decor as the seasons change.

2023 Home Decor Trends: Blending Dark & Light Woods

Darker wood tones have made a major resurgence in home decor, after falling out of favor roughly 10 years ago. But it’s back, baby! The best way to marry old and new is to blend dark and lighter wood shades for a fresh, cozy feel. For example, you can pair lighter wooden accessories with darker-toned furniture in the same space. Make sure to avoid matching sets, which tend to feel dated, and remember that the key is keeping things balanced. When you do it well, the effect is a rich, complex design palette.

Mixing wood finishes and combining them with other textures keeps the effect from veering into rustic-bordering-on-a-cabin feel and helps both wood tones pop. It makes for a beautiful, modern feel. Our Modern Farmhouse summer box is a great place to start, with a balanced combination of lighter wood tones and other textures, like stone and metallics.

2023 Home Decor Trends: Mixing Metals

Metallic finishes lend a modern feel to home decor, but there are a few tricks to doing it well. Avoid sticking to a single type of finish, which can look overly one dimensional. Mixing metallics brings depth and interest and it avoids one of the major faux paus of good design—too much matching! Even better, incorporating different metallic finishes in a space helps it feel more curated in an organic, naturally-evolved way. Remember that opposites attract, so big contrasts tend to work really well. Just keep it intentional. A dominant metal can carry the space, accented by one or two more for a purposeful feel. Our contemporary summer box has a fabulous selection of metallics, with gold, nickel and silver trays.

Making It Your Own

The best part of home decor is making it your own, so work in the trends that appeal to you! That’s how you develop a personal style that feels modern but natural. Our home decor subscription boxes make it easy to add trending pieces that build on one another over time. If you aren’t already a Third & Main member, get started right this way!

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