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Make the Bedroom a Haven with Design Trends for 2023

Make the Bedroom a Haven with Design Trends for 2023

The bedroom should be a sanctuary–harmonious, beautiful and calming. It should be a space that instantly relaxes you, which makes decorating the bedroom a little different than the rest of the home. The pros here at Third & Main have rounded up a few ways to make your bedroom a downright stylish haven with bedroom design trends for 2023.

Incorporate Wooden Accents

Wooden accents are a staple in the modern farmhouse aesthetic, but it actually works for a range of styles. Weathered oak, for example, is a versatile neutral that adds warmth and sophistication. It’s a great look in the bed frame or bedside table, but you can work it in as a stylish, refined decor piece as well. Wooden photo frames are a great option, and so are the beautiful turned paulownia wood candle holders and curved tray in our Modern Farmhouse spring box!

Make it Modern Farmhouse

We got our start with the modern farmhouse aesthetic–we were the original seasonal home decor box!—and it’s a style that isn’t going anywhere soon. According to one study, Pinterest searches for “modern farmhouse” have risen 63% over the last three months. We’re guessing it’s because people just can’t get enough of the cozy-meets-contemporary feel of the modern farmhouse design. In the bedroom, make it work with soft neutrals for textiles–think pillows, throw blankets, bed linens, and rugs (like the gorgeous runners in our Modern Farmhouse spring box–and darker wood tones for furniture. Mix in floral and green accents and those wooden accessories for a beautiful look.

Work in Rattan

Guess what’s back!? The rattan look is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its natural texture that adds immediate interest to any space. But you don’t have to overboard with a full-on rattan chair or side table. Instead, work in the warm, soft feel of rattan with the right kind of accessory. Our Modern Farmhouse spring box has the perfect piece–dried natural organic ball filler that’s perfectly rattan-adjacent and offers all the benefits of this textured classic.

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