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2023 Design Trends We’re Already Excited About

2023 Design Trends We’re Already Excited About

Experts are forecasting design trends for 2023, and predictions for everything from colors to textures to decor are everywhere. Here at Third & Main, we had a hunch about some of the things expected to blow up next year (curves are back in a big way!), and here are the 2023 design trends we’re already excited about.

Neutrals, but Make it Modern

Warm, calming neutrals really never go out of style, but the twist for 2023 is much more sophisticated. Think sable, mushroom, ecru, even relaxed blues and peachy pinks. In a world that’s more chaotic and unpredictable by the day, it’s wonderfully relaxing and reassuring to come home to a warm, inviting, calming space.

Inspired by Nature

This year, biophilic design – which incorporates textures, colors, and elements inspired by nature – was all the rage, and we’re thrilled that it’s not going anywhere. In fact, it’s going to be bigger than ever. Not only will natural elements stake their claim in furniture, you’ll see more nature-inspired decor pieces too. Expect much more rattan, marble, cane, wicker, and natural wooden accents, all of which contribute to a light and airy design. Botanicals will be big too – it’s such a simple way to keep things fresh and lively. Colors will continue to bring the outdoors in as well, with earth tones staying popular, and sea tones – beautiful greens and blues – growing in popularity.

Unexpected Accents

Experts are anticipating unexpected details to become more popular in home decor, whether that’s in color pairings or accent pieces with unusual detailing. The juxtaposition of bold and muted colors adds visual interest, and the same is true of any decor piece that’s just a little bit different.

The Roaring 20s

The rise of Art Deco has been predicted for the last two years, and we’re likely to see it begin creeping in with accent pieces and accessories. They’ll be simple, streamlined, geometric, and generally pleasing to the eye, and they’ll pair beautifully with nature-inspired pieces. Stucco, concrete, terra cotta, and metallics are all part of the Art Deco aesthetic, and honestly, we can’t wait!

Looking Ahead

At Third & Main, we source the latest and greatest decor pieces for every home decor box we curate. We’re already finalizing the goodies that will go into our spring home decor boxes, and we can’t wait to share details *very* soon! If you’re a current Third & Main subscriber, stay tuned to make your choices. Not a member just yet? Learn more about all the benefits of joining Third & Main, and why a home decor subscription box makes so much sense.

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  • Third & Main

    We are so excited to reveal the boxes and can’t wait to hear what you think!

  • Tracey

    Oohhhh….these all sound perfect for me. I’m really hoping for the shades of blue along with neutral colors, and all the natural elements tied in. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  • Jamie

    This article speaks to my soul. This is my vibe and I couldn’t be more excited. Well written ❤️

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