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How And When To Shift From Winter to Spring Decor

With our recent spring box reveal, we’re ready to kiss winter goodbye and shift straight into spring and all the delights this season offers. March is a great time of year to transition home decor from cozy winter whites to something lighter, brighter and fresher, and we’re sharing our favorite tips for the job. Here’s how to shift from winter to spring decor, and why Third & Main makes it easy.

Simple Decor Switches From Winter To Spring

We recently shared practical tips for easy winter decor, and if you’re digging that vibe, there’s no need to rush into spring just yet! But if you’re longing for the fresh, bright feel of spring, starting the transition around the beginning of March is entirely reasonable. Here are our favorite simple tricks:

  • Bring on the floral details. Nothing brightens up a home like greenery and floral elements, so think about adding pops of texture and color in the form of potted foliage, hanging plants and cheerful arrangements on the sideboard or kitchen table. The Spring Shop is loaded with options, like these delicate fuschia real-touch tulip stems, so take a look and see what speaks to you! Our spring boxes all include fabulous faux plants or florals, so Third & Main members are in luck. 
  • Swap out heavier throws for something a little lighter. Wool and flannel throws and pillow covers can be swapped for lighter fabrics, like linen and cotton, for a softer look. 
  • Don’t overlook fragrance. Stash the cinnamon, vanilla and apple scents in favor of more refreshing notes, like citrus and florals. 
  • Consider color. Winter whites pair beautifully with delicate early spring colors, so try mixing in soft peaches, lavenders, blues and watery pinks.
  • Transition slowly. Since March weather is predictably unpredictable—snow today and sunny skies tomorrow—don’t rush the winter-to-spring decor transition. Incorporating lighter colors and textures here and there and slowly rotating out weightier and seasonal winter pieces is a simple way to straddle the seasonal change until you’re well and truly ready to embrace spring.

How Third & Main Makes It Easy

Before you rush out to buy decor that will help you bridge the seasonal gap, have you considered a Third & Main membership? Our home decor box subscriptions are designed to suit different style aesthetics, budgets and shipping frequencies, with choices for items that mean a truly customized boutique experience. We curate timeless, high-quality pieces that build on one another for cohesive home decor that’s as easy as unboxing and styling. Check out our options, and let us send you stylish home decor designed to freshen up your home all year long.

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