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3 Practical Tips for Stylish, Easy Winter Decor

Christmas has come and gone, and by now, your holiday decor has (hopefully!) been packed away until next year. But if your home is feeling a little bare, we get it! After all the glitz of the holidays, it can feel a little jarring to get back to normal. Fortunately, the design experts here at Third & Main are sharing three practical tips for stylish, easy winter decor that will keep your home feeling cozy until the weather warms up again.

First, Declutter

If you’re anything like us, you feel the need to get organized after Christmas. This is the time to pack away anything that veers too festive—the wreaths, the garlands, the ornaments, the mini trees, you get the picture—but it’s also a great time to clear out anything that just isn’t working for you anymore. Take the opportunity to pare down and sort of get the lay of the land so you can choose your winter decor with intention.

Keep the Red to a Minimum

Red is one of those quintessential Christmas colors, and one of the single best things you can do when you're transitioning from Christmas to winter decor is to pare it way back. If you’re into the neutral home/modern farmhouse or contemporary aesthetics, it’s likely that you lean into red only around the holiday season. Switching that color out for something softer and seasonal—think creams, grays and creamy whites—will have an immediate impact. Mercury glass works especially well with January decor, too.

Keep it Simple

We tend to go big and bold with Christmas decor, but winter decor can be much more subtle. In keeping with the fresh start of the new year, keep things simple and emphasize the cozy. This is the time of year to embrace the softest, coziest textures with pieces like soft throws and oversized, faux fur pillows. Soft, touchable textures make any space feel warm and inviting, and they work with any design aesthetic. 

For more texture, incorporate greens and florals. This faux ranunculus arrangement in the shop is absolutely stunning, with understated pinks and purple blooms that will stay vibrant forever! Natural elements work really well this time of year too, and this hand-blown glass and wood hurricane is easy to dress up or down all year round.

The Bottom Line

There’s no right or wrong way to decorate after Christmas, but it can feel like a breath of fresh air to keep things simple with cozy pieces and natural elements. Check out the decor shop for great deals on home decor pieces if your place is feeling far too empty after all the big and bold Christmas decor, and if you aren’t a Third & Main member just yet, this is a great time to subscribe! Our home decor boxes are designed to build on one another for organic, cohesive decor that will make your home feel effortlessly fresh and timelessly on trend all year long. Our spring presale is open now, so don’t wait!

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