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Embracing the Romantic Design Trend of 2024 With Third & Main

Spoiler: In 2024, romanticism is in, in a big way. But don’t confuse romantic design with Valentine’s Day clichés. This carefree aesthetic isn’t teddy bears and lacey bows. It’s subtler, lighter, softer, more diffused, with floral touches and decor pieces designed to bring romantic warmth to your space. We’re huge fans of this approach to home decor right now, and we can’t wait to share! Here’s how to embrace the romantic design trend of 2024 with Third & Main.

Meet the Romantic Design Trend of 2024

Today’s modern romantic style is less Louis XV with his canopied beds and intricate floral wallpaper and more  luxuriously comfortable and slightly feminine. It’s a style that aligns with floral and natural elements, soft, touchable fabrics, curved and organic lines, and metallic accents. Here’s how to make it work in your space.

  • Opt for warm, neutral upholstery. Honestly, this works for any design aesthetic. Keeping big pieces neutral and understated means you can dial up the design with decor and accessories. It also helps maintain a relaxed vibe and a softer atmosphere. 
  • Bring in a Little Shimmer with Metallic Hints
  • Think of metallic pieces as the jewelry in a room. Incorporate this texture sparingly to avoid a cluttered fussiness. Both the embossed recycled glass taper candle holders and the sorrento bottle in the Romantic Feels spring collection of our quarterly modern farmhouse box bring a delicate shine for a fresh look this spring.

  • Work in Florals 

  • Fresh and faux florals are a classic sign of romance, and this is probably the easiest way to romance up a room. Our spring boxes are bursting with realistic faux florals and botanicals. We’ve included white cotton sprays and a white cotton and mixed greenery wreath, a stunning bunch of real-touch mini tulips, white kalanchoe and sedum balls, a white hydrangea wreath, even faux olive leaf and daisy eucalyptus topiaries in our spring collections. Check out full reveals here! Pair them with pretty vases or clear vessels to keep the focus on the blooms. 

  • Keep the Lighting Soft

  • Warm, flattering light is an integral part of the romantic aesthetic, so bring out the candles! Chandeliers, wall sconces and table lamps in lieu of harsh overhead lighting also help create a romantic atmosphere.

  • Incorporate Vintage Flair

  • There’s something about the romantic style that invokes a different era. Embrace it with retro touches, like embossed decor, distressed finishes and luxurious fabrics. Our English Countryside collection includes a pewter mantel clock and mango wood tray with laser-etched botanicals for the perfect vintage touch.

    The Takeaway

     If softening your home this spring sounds downright dreamy, Third & Main is making it simple. Members get first pick of key pieces in their home decor subscription boxes, and our decor shop is open to everyone. Learn more about becoming a Third & Main member today. We have design styles and shipping frequencies to suit everyone! 

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