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3 Tips for Transitioning your Fireplace Mantel from Fall to Winter

3 Tips for Transitioning your Fireplace Mantel from Fall to Winter

We just revealed our collection of winter home decor boxes (yay!). And if you’re like us, you may already be thinking through the best ways to transition your fall decor into a festive winter wonderland – just to be prepared. So let’s talk mantel decor specifically – it’s typically a focal point, and it lends itself so beautifully to seasonal accents. We’re sharing a few simple ways to make it seamless and stylish, and we’re sharing some specific ideas for transitioning Third & Main pieces from past Luxe boxes. Read on for our three tips for transitioning your fireplace mantel from fall to winter.

Always Work in Layers

Okay, this isn’t technically a transitional decor tip, but it’s helpful nonetheless. Approach mantel decor in layers. Picture three of them. There’s the anchor, which is the tallest object in the design and serves as the central focal point. Then there’s the weight, which are the left and right side pieces that add width and visual weight to the overall design. No need to make them entirely symmetrical. Instead, focus on ensuring that their respective visual weights are balanced. To keep everything proportional, keep these heights lower than the anchor in layer one. Quick note here, the anchor and weight pieces are often evergreen – the stuff that sticks around all year long. 

Finally, there’s the filler. These are the pieces in the center of the mantle in front or beneath layer one. This is where seasonal decor really shines. Go for varying heights here but keep things to scale, avoiding any horizontal lines that might compete with the mantel itself. If you prefer a clean, more modern design aesthetic, you’ll likely skip this third layer. Instead, swap out some of your weight pieces for a seasonal look. For example, the set of amber cut glass pears from the fall Luxe box work beautifully in both fall and winter as a mantel accent.

Leaning trays often work well in mantel displays too, because they offer depth and can help ground pieces arranged in front. The honey toned burl wood tray in the summer Luxe box is a great example. The gold handles add a little pop of glitz and glam that works wonderfully from fall straight into the holidays.

Remember to overlap your mantel pieces so they feel connected to one another for the most cohesive effect.

Add Seasonal Accents to Evergreen Pieces 


Let’s talk about the evergreen concept a little more. If you have staples that rule the mantel, you’re not alone. Some pieces just work year round! In fact, there are a few pieces from past Luxe boxes with that kind of evergreen status. The mango wood candle holders from our summer Luxe box are a simple, sophisticated pair that dress up or down and work in any season. The Ellery Hurricanes from the fall Luxe box are a great fall and winter set in particular. The combination of aged copper and luster glass is striking but understated and plays nicely with fall and winter accents alike. Artwork is another popular mantel staple. Whatever you like up year round, pair it with accents to play into the season. 

The Almeta vase from the Luxe spring box has that kind of versatility too. The creamy tones in these hand painted pieces lend themselves beautifully to fall foliage or a spray of holiday berries.

Play with Color and Texture

A good rule of thumb when you’re transitioning from fall to winter decor is to consider color and texture. Fall is synonymous with warm colors and lighter texture. Think of the golds and ambers, the plaid throws, the chunky candles. To transition into a winter aesthetic, start mixing in deeper hues and cozier textures. Pair rich burgundy or classic white candles with those mango wood holders, for example, or simple pine branch accents around the hurricanes.

The Takeaway

Transitioning from fall to winter decor can be as simple as swapping out a layer or two in your mantel display. But for Third & Main subscribers, it’s even easier. Remember, our boxes are curated to build upon one another, which means an organic, cohesive design aesthetic you can enjoy year round. Not a member just yet? Head right this way to get started!

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