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Quarterly vs Monthly Decor Boxes — Which is Better?

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Quarterly vs Monthly Decor Boxes — Which is Better?

When it comes to subscription boxes, you can get just about anything sent your way — beauty samples, artwork, clothing, even food. People love the convenience and plain old fun factor of a box of goodies that shows up regularly. Of course, our favorite subscription box category is home decor. There are a lot of choices when you’re deciding which box is right for you, but one of the best places to start is by considering frequency. When it comes to quarterly versus monthly home decor boxes, which is better?

Key Takeaways

    • Monthly home decor boxes typically mean fewer items delivered more frequently. Per-box pricing may be less less, but you likely spend more over the long run.
    • Quarterly home decor boxes cost more per box than monthly boxes, but item quality is often higher and you get more value.

Comparing Monthly and Quarterly Home Decor Boxes

For folks who love the suspense of waiting on a box to come, the appeal of a monthly box is clear. But there are a few drawbacks to the monthly box scenario too. First, consider the truth that you really can have too much of a good thing. New home decor items delivered every four weeks are going to add up to nothing more than clutter pretty quickly.


Price is another thing to consider. Monthly boxes tend to be priced — and valued — lower than quarterly boxes. While you may like the idea of spending less every month, consider what you actually spend over a year or two. The higher price of the quarterly box tends to even out over the year, and you may even find you spend less over the long term with a quarterly plan than a monthly one. What’s more, the quality of the items in that monthly box will reflect the lower price tag. You have to ask yourself whether the items that show up in your box are things you’d buy otherwise. If not, you’re clearly overbuying.

In a side by side comparison to monthly home decor boxes, quarterly home decor boxes are going to cost more per box and ship less frequently. However, you’ll end up with a bigger selection of higher-quality items. If budget is your most important consideration, consider how long you plan to stay a subscriber. If it’s more than a year, chances are good you’ll get much better value with a quarterly box.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of whether you opt for a monthly or quarterly box, keep these considerations in mind:

    • Can you/do you want to use the items in your boxes?
    • Are you getting more than you need?
    • Are you comfortable with what you’re paying, particularly in terms of what you’re getting?

If your goal is a home decor box that makes it easy to develop a signature style, less is more — a quarterly box will bring a fresh update to your home as the seasons change. And with a Third & Main home decor subscription, you get so much more than great style. Choose from our Modern Farmhouse and Contemporary boxes for pieces that will work together for years to come.

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