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Part 2 Of The Big Reveal: Introducing Revive Decor By Third & Main

Part 2 Of The Big Reveal: Introducing Revive Decor By Third & Main

Hot off the heels of our big announcement part one, we're back with more big news! Meet Revive Decor, where previously loved and well cared-for items come to find a new home. This is the solution to too much decor—a simple way to clear out pieces you're ready to pass on and earn gift cards to the Third & Main shop. In other words, this is how you turn clutter into shopping credits. Let's review.

What is Revive Decor?

Revive Decor addresses the very real issue of too much decor. We do the heavy lifting—as a Decor Partner, all you need to do is pack up your decor items and send them to us. Use our prepaid label and ship a box up to 18 x 12 x 12 inches for a $9.99 deduction from the final sales price, or send as much as you'd like on your own dime. We do the quality checking, photographing, pricing and selling, and you get 60% of the final sales price in the form of a store gift card. Payouts are made at the end of every month. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?!

We're looking for smaller decor items in good to new condition that are seasonably appropriate and—and this is important—from smoke-free, pet hair-free homes. We can't take items that are in need of repair, large furniture pieces or anything that's seen better days. That means no large pieces of art, pre-loved throw blankets and pieces from particular companies and brands. We video the opening of all packages sent to us as confirmation that every arrives safely in one piece (and to protect our team in the event something arrives broken or damaged!). Email us at if have questions!

We know you're wondering—what happens if your stuff doesn't sell? After four weeks, we'll adjust the price to entice buyers. If all else fails, you can choose to have them shipped back to you at your expense, or we'll donate them to a worthy cause.

We're so excited for Revive Decor, and we hope you are too! Check out the video above, and get started now. Become a Decor Partner today—just let us know you're interested by completing our contract form—and start turning that clutter into credits!

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