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How to Make the Most of your Third & Main Home Decor Subscription Box

How to Make the Most of your Third & Main Home Decor Subscription Box

We know you have choices when it comes to home decor subscription boxes, and at Third & Main, we’re all about our members. We appreciate every one of you, and we go to great lengths to show that appreciation whenever we can. It’s why we share things like members-only discounts and surprises. Now, we’re sharing some insider tips for making the most out of your Third & Main home decor subscription box.

First, Use Your Perks

Peruse any pros-and-cons list for seasonal home decor boxes, and you’ll find something like, “And if you don’t like it, pass it along as a hostess gift!” We understand the sentiment, but Third & Main boxes are carefully curated to ensure you love every item included. Even better, each box is designed to build on what came before to cultivate a cohesive style that just keeps getting better. We want our members to love everything so much, there’s no way they could give it away! Take it from Kris, a verified member: “... a beautifully curated box with quality items that are definitely on-trend for an incredible price! I honestly cannot say enough good things about this subscription box.”

Another big benefit? Member discounts! We offer all of our home decor box subscribers 10% off all gift boxes and bundles year round, and active members always save on add-ons too. It’s a great way to treat yourself to your seasonal box and add a little something for your sister, mom, friend, neighbor, children’s teachers, whomever!

  • Our gift boxes are designed with love to celebrate specific milestones and special events and have a range of price points. We carefully arrange everything in an elegant white gift box with a handwritten note and matching insert. Order a gift box to ship with your seasonal home decor box, or snag one any time of year for that special someone or notable occasion.
  • Our decor bundles are a one-time purchase that coordinate with our seasonal home decor subscription boxes. This is a great way to enhance your subscription box with a few extra pieces that will coordinate perfectly with all the goodies heading your way! Just like our subscription boxes, everything in our decor bundles have been thoughtfully curated to stand alone or complement your latest seasonal box.

And then there are sneak peeks – one of the biggest member perks! Our boxes sell out fast, and a subscription makes you a VIP, meaning you can get in early to choose to see what we’ve put together for you and choose a few favorites. It’s the kind of thing that really helps make your seasonal box yours.

Then, Enjoy your Extras

All Third & Main members enjoy early and insider access, secret sales throughout the year, and shipping perks as well. And remember, every home decor box always comes with a detailed styling guide. If you aren’t confident in your own design abilities, or you just want a little inspiration, our guide is a great way to visualize different ways to arrange your new home decor pieces. 

Making our members feel valued is always our goal. We want everyone to feel special and valued, so put your perks to good use and make the most of your Third & Main subscription!

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