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The Contemporary Spring Home Decor Box 2023

 Sleek and sophisticated and ready to give your home fresh new inspiration. We offered two options for our Spring Contemporary Home Decor Boxes; our first, curated in our ever-popular shades of whites, creams and golds, and the second with whites and refreshing blues. Frames were added to both curations which allow you to personalize with a precious memory or add a touch of holiday whimsy with a seasonal print.

With option 1 you'll notice you have a coordinating tray from our first contemporary box back in Fall of '21 (that's right - every box is carefully curated so that you have a cohesive collection). Use the tray for the included frame and vase, or easily transition to bathroom storage for perfumes and accessories, or on a bar cart for your favorite cocktail accoutrements. The included canisters are airtight and food safe, but they can easily be decorative or add functional (and beautiful) storage where you need it most. Don't forget to add a pop of texture when you layer in the included clamrose ball - it's the perfect piece to finish off your decor displays. Casually place it near your canisters, or on the tray next to the vase or frame. [SHOP NOW]

Option 2 added that punch of color for those that wanted it - and it sold out right away - so many of you did! The frames and box had so many beautiful shades of blue, we knew that they would easily fit in with past curations while offering a fresh perspective! Something about this curation screams easy entryway setup! Add a past box tray and layer on the box (it's the perfect hiding spot for your keys or other items you need in a pinch) and even add a favorite trinket to the top or on the side - do you have decorative beads or a marble chain - that would pair nicely here, too. The vase is our new favorite. Yes, it's water safe, but we've included real touch tulips so you can have this look for a lifetime; here's a fun idea - angle the flowers so they drape over the side for a cool asymmetrical look. We can't wait to see how you incorporate the blue and breezy look! [SOLD OUT]

The Spring Contemporary Home Decor Box Had Two Options


 [Unboxing and styling video coming soon]