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Live Plants Are Here! Learn More. Live Plants Are Here! Learn More.

Live Plants Are Here!

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Live Plants Are Here!

Two big green thumbs up for this collaboration! In our effort to work with more brick & mortar stores around the USA, we are thrilled to partner with Roy Paar and Milana Naumenko to bring live plants to Third & Main! 

From their initial brick & mortar store in Brooklyn, to their new operations to South Florida, they work with small independent growers and procure beautiful plants for your home and workspace.

We've worked with Roy & Milanato to select the best quality plants and a beautiful vessel that is exclusive for our Third & Main customers.

When you order from us, Roy &  Milana will fulfill your order taking priority to ensure that the plants you buy make it to you in the best condition possible, as fast as possible.

Please allow 5 days to process and ship the order. As these are live plants, every order will ship on Mondays to ensure that nothing sits in a warehouse or on a truck over the weekend. Orders placed Tues-Sun should ship the following Monday.

We are so excited that we were asked to be one of their exclusive retailers to offer live plants and continue to support small businesses!

"What defines our work is our love for each other. When we have fun, it shows in our work and the health of our plants. We scour the country looking for the most talented growers to fill our plant shop and ship to you. We make sure that the plant you buy is one you can enjoy for years to come, one that we would be proud to have on the shelves of our own home.” - Roy & Milana

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